Taylor & Francis Merger

Informa announced the merger with Taylor & Francis plc on 2 March 2004 which was implemented by a Scheme of Arrangement. Under the terms of the merger, shareholders in Informa retained their shares in the company and shareholders in Taylor & Francis received 17 Informa shares for every 10 Taylor & Francis share held. The terms of the merger also placed a value of £509 million on the entire issued share capital of Taylor & Francis. The merger was completed on 10 May 2004 and as a result 146, 329,938 Informa shares were issued to Taylor & Francis shareholders.


Completion of Merger (pdf) [84kb]

Confirmation of Scheme (pdf) [69kb]

Scheme of Arrangement (pdf) [586kb]

Listing Particulars (pdf) [586kb]

Circular to Shareholders (pdf) [93kb]